Cumbre Nueva

Who are we?
CUMBRE NUEVA is a company of adventure tourism, which is born in the month of May 2013, with the strong commitment to show the goodness of the Aconcagua Valley to Chile and the rest of the world from a personalized tourism.

The company is formed by people who have a solid knowledge, an enormous affection for this activity, our workers in CUMBRE NUEVA love what they do, they feel like they are sharing with the tourists around the nature and showing the valley, make the difference.

Added Value
We are aware of the Aconcagua Valley, deliver to, our roots, its routes, its traditions, history, its people, who are still with us, and some who have already departed, and that has taught us the beauty of the place that we inhabit.

CUMBRE NUEVA bases its principles on the care of the nature, making a sustainable tourism and personalized, delivering as added value to our customers the benefits provided to us by the Aconcagua Valley.

Achieve harmonious growth over time, ranging from the hand of the quality, competitiveness and constant training of its workers, being a business model to follow that intends to extend to other parts of the country.